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January 13 2011,

Marketing on the Internet is an entirely different ballgame that most traditional marketers are not familiar with. While in-house marketing teams ordinarily learn marketing skills in universities and business schools, seasoned Internet marketers like James Schramko are largely self-taught because of the ever changing nature of Internet technology and online consumer behavior. This is why live Internet marketing seminars and events such as Fast Web Formula 3 are always sold out.

Background of Fast Web Formula 3

This 3-day workshop is the brainchild of world renowned Internet marketing expert and successful businessman James Schramko. James started doing Internet marketing as a side activity while employed in a top level position at a car dealership. After spending time and money testing Internet marketing tools and systems, he decided to quit his day job and focus on his businesses which were generating more income than his high-paying job. James loves teaching what he knows to fellow marketers, which is why he conducted live seminars, workshops and coached others to become successful just like him.

Several years ago he came up with a workshop-style training format, Fast Web Formula, which taught valuable techniques that took him years to perfect and which others learned in a matter of days. Due to the overwhelming success of this event as well as a clamor for more of this type of learning vehicles, James has held several FastWebFormula trainings – each one a little more advanced that before, reflecting the expansion of his knowledge and new profit models emerging.

What you will learn

As a sequel of the first workshop, Fast Web Formula 3 won’t be covering the basics of Internet marketing as it assumes that participants already know these but are looking for newer methods to boost their profits and expand their businesses. You can expect to learn about:

* high level affiliate marketing
* domaining (buying and selling websites)
* the power of video
* consulting service provision
* killer copywriting techniques
* the latest and best tools for WordPress sites
* software automation

Early online registration entitles you to special bonuses FastWebFormula. Previous bonuses reevealed a goldmine collection of tools and resources that your company can immediately use even before the event itself. These tools teach traffic generation techniques, webinar creation, fast cash strategies and leveraging joint ventures, to name a few and are worth thousands of dollars but James Schramko has given them away for free.

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