Who Is James Schramko?

January 9 2011,

From Offline Executive to Online Business Innovator

James Schramko is a Sydney based profit growth specialist and Internet Marketer who ‘fired his boss’ in May 2008 – and ever since, his internet marketing business has grown, year after year.  James not only adapted his offline business skills for online business success, but by applying them in innovative ways he has skyrocketed to international renown.

Who Is James Schramko?

His huge blog has a massive following, and is ranked by Google on page 1 (lately in the number 2 spot, behind Wikepedia!!!) for the highly competitive term “internet marketer” (out of 2.5 MILLION search results). To call this result ‘exceptional’ is understatement.

James has become one of the most in-demand speakers on the topic of ‘internet marketing’ in the world, often doubling the sales of the ‘big names’ in the business. He is courted by the industry’s experts to form joint ventures in order to learn his strategies.   He has spoken at some of the most highly regarded internet marketing gatherings in the United States, England, The Middle East, Ireland and New Zealand, as well as in Australia.

He has developed information products and automated profit systems that are in demand by the top internet marketers around the world (THEY now call HIM for advice!).

Affiliate Marketing Success

Before developing his own products and tools, James started making money on the internet in a way we all can – by selling other people’s products as an ‘affiliate’ – often earning a 50% commission per sale.

By applying techniques that he has developed James has become a skilled affiliate marketer, who in just three weeks (in December 2008), sold over $US140,000 of just one product as a super affiliate, for a 50% commission.

A Valued Mentor

James is mentor to hundreds students from around the world via his private members internet marketing forum who are now operating their own online businesses based on the profit models that are right for them – and James helps them identify and master these.

The internet has provided immense opportunities for people from all walks to create their own home businesses – honest, ethical and profitable businesses.  James is proof of the possibilities, and those he mentors are evidence of how his techniques can be applied by just about anyone – tradespeople, office workers, medical professionals, stay at home mums, retired people.

A business turnaround expert, James has a select group of private clients – from pest controllers to legal practices – all of whom have realised how harnessing the power of the internet will grow their offline businesses beyond their wildest expectations.

Multiple Profit Systems

James has demonstrated that there are multiple profit systems just there for the taking – and he is applying them all – and coaching others how to do the same.

James Schramko style

A Style All His Own

James is an unassuming Australian, and a gifted speaker with a laconic style that his audiences warm to – completely devoid of the hype and showmanship of many in the internet marketing world.  Audiences connect with him on a personal level and identify him as genuine, ethical and honest – someone who is a real internet marketer, not just someone who talks about it.

He has a unique ability to demonstrate his expertise without appearing arrogant, and to present his teachings in a way that both novices and more experienced marketers get value from.  Because he is an innovator, James’ presentations deliver information that other speakers cannot match.


James’ current business products include:

Website Building Service

Pay Per Click Training (with Mike Rhodes)

Traffic Building

Affiliate Training (with Andy Grand)

Fast Web Formula Membership

Wealth Building

James teaches

  • How to reverse engineer your competitors and ethically steal their clients
  • How to find out where your clients are hiding, and ambush them without them even knowing it
  • How to create a buying frenzy without ever having to sell
  • How to drive so much traffic to your website that your server will have trouble coping (it has happened!)
  • How to make people almost demand that you sell them something
  • Conversion secrets that can double or even quadruple your sales overnight
  • How to get your site on the first page of Google
  • Why almost everyone uses social media the wrong way and how you can harness the power of social proof
  • The core skills required to research a hot market that few people ever discover,
  • How to create a range of SEO friendly websites that often get page one rankings,
  • High conversion email marketing tactics for building red hot lists of buyers
  • The art of leveraging profit more by getting recurring sales revenue.
  • Multiple Profit business models for diversifying income streams
  • Details on the emerging trends, strategies, tools and techniques in internet marketing

This site, jamesteaches.com, explores the different opportunities available to tap into the internet marketing world of James Schramko.

James Schramko and Kerry Finch

Kerry’s ‘Sliding Door’ Moment

“Some years ago I was juggling two jobs – a tour guide around Australia and New Zealand, a temp office worker.  As it turned out it was the latter than really changed my life.   I accepted a 5-day assignment as a Receptionist at a local luxury car dealership, which ended up lasting 5 weeks.

It was only on the last day that I edited some documents for the General Manager – I really had nothing to do with him up until that point.

When I called by his office to say goodbye, he said he knew of some opportunities that might suit me – he was impressed with the writing and editing work I’d done for him.  Well, it was 2 hours later that I walked out of his office with my head reeling!

The world of internet marketing had been opened up to me.  He asked me to write some articles for him, which I agreed to do.

This is me now:  I have a successful internet marketing business, providing writing services to internet marketers. I have 7 writers around the world helping me meet the demand.  I have published several information products, and a content writing training course.

I am an internet marketer with over 100 websites of my own – all of this under the mentorship and encouragement of that man I chanced to meet those few short years ago – James Schramko.

Who said you can’t teach an old(ish) dog new tricks??”

I now run James’ training workshops and throughout 2009 travelled with him in Australia, New Zealand, England Ireland and Dubai – managing his speaking engagements.  I am now one of his top affiliates.

Do you think I am glad to have met James that day??

– Kerry Finch (www.kerryfinchwriting.com)

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