Where To Learn About Affiliate Marketing

January 9 2012,

Savvy online entrepreneurs use affiliate marketing to help build up steady and reliable streams of income. Building a strong affiliate marketing network takes hard work and ingenuity, and a cottage industry of online gurus has sprouted up offering to help people learn about affiliate marketing.

Not all online marketing tutorials are created equal, however. The best affiliate marketing training programs are those created or led by proven affiliate marketing experts – those who have demonstrated success, and whose strategies they teach to their students. While there are many online gurus out there offering to teach their pupils the secrets and tips to fast affiliate marketing success, very few of them have proven track records.

One such expert is super affiliate and former Swiss banker, Andy Grand.  Andy, in partnership with acclaimed internet marketer James Schramko have created a standout affiliate marketing training masterclass, delivered digitally, called SuperFastAffiliate.

When you’re trying to learn about affiliate marketing and are looking for a plan to download or an event to attend, ask yourself the following questions:

– Is the course or program I’m looking at run by a credible Internet marketing professional? What sites has he or she run and is he or she a super affiliate?

– What’s the online word of mouth about this course or program? Did others who have taken the course find it useful or helpful? Do the folks who are running it have a good reputation?

– Do the promotional materials offer concrete examples of the strategies they intend to teach that look like they can help my online business?

– Does the course have a strong focus on search engine optimization, and how I can make my site easy for visitors to use and visit?

– Will I learn anything about writing compelling sales copy from the program?

– Do the folks running the course seem to have a grasp of the basic concepts of affiliate marketing and the technical language used to describe various aspects of this field?

– Does the course break lessons out into easy-to-digest units, or will I be barraged with a flood of information?

– How much interaction will I have with the people running the course? Will I be able to ask questions specific to my business?

– Are market research and niche marketing covered in the course?

By carefully vetting an affiliate marketing course or online program before signing up for it, you can ensure that you get your money’s worth and are taught practical, concrete lessons you can apply to your business to help boost traffic, increase conversions and earn larger and more frequent commissions from your merchant partners. When you learn about affiliate marketing, it pays to learn from the best.

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