When you can’t be there – here’s the next best thing (pre-release special)

October 26 2011,

In less than 48 hours there will be around 200 people in the main theatre of the Events Centre in Caloundra on the Queensland (Australia) Sunshine Coast.  They have one thing in common:  they all know the value to their businesses, and in the cases of consultants, their clients’ businesses, of having a profitable online presence. They are there to learn the strategies involved in creating their own FastWebFomula.

James Schramko has gathered real experts in their fields to teach those present the latest cutting edge strategies for online businesses.  These include best practices for search engine optimization, facebook marketing, domaining, and website design and builds.  This is fantastic for those from all parts of Australia, from Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA and Canada who are flying in to be there.

But what of those who aren’t able to make the journey?

James has just announced a pre-event special for those who wish to purchase the digital recordings of the 3 day event – at a VERY special price.

These digital recordings will be available within weeks of the FastWebFormula 3 event, so wherever you are in the world you are able to learn from the true masters of the online business and internet marketing world.


>> UPDATE:  More About The New Fast Web Formula

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