Wealthification To Challenge Highly Priced Products

February 25 2012,

Not since the 2011 release of his acclaimed Traffic Grab, has there been such anticipation for the release of a new James Schramko product.  James is continuing to turn the digital education industry on its ears by redefining the pricing models of online courses, this time for Wealthification.

It started with the $79 Traffic Grab – widely considered to be the most comprehensive traffic generation strategy for online businesses.  Now, his business training course, Wealthification, has a price point of just $99 (and this is reduced for some of his current students).

On Launch-eve of his new suite of coaching videos, a business training course to be known as Wealthification, James Schramko has given some insights into the strategies that:

  • he has used to build his own business success
  • he has taught his Silver Circle clients to implement
  • are proven to build and grow profitable and sustainable businesses

James is known for his business expertise, both online and offline, that has spanned almost 20 years.  He believes that understanding your business goal (profit) is the first step to achieving your lifestyle goals – often the result of creating a cash flow with minimum hands-on effort.

The Wealthification training is comprised of 9 video modules, and is set to change the overpriced online training environment forever – with a price point of just USD99.00.

>> Full details about Wealthification by James Schramko.


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