Wealthification Secrets from James Schramko Business Training Program

July 4 2012,

Creating wealth from business is James Schramko’s forte and he attributes financial success to a system he has developed, tested and modified through the years. The same system is part of Wealthification, another James Schramko business training product which is available online. Following the Wealthification system can increase one’s chances of succeeding and building their income without spending more time at work.

Wealth secrets

James Schramko’s winning formula for creating wealth involves a profitable business that is systemised, automated, defendable and sustainable. His training program will show anyone how to generate profits and cash flow in a systematic way.

  • Create a profitable business by adopting a business model that creates and retains a customer and builds profit from cash flow.
  • Create cash flow, particularly passive income, where the business continues to generate cash without putting in extra time and effort.
  • Develop a competitive edge by offering something unique or a valuable solution.
  • Make the business scalable so that it can grow not only in terms of scope and size, but also in profits.
  • Follow a system which minimises error and can be applied in other business models with similar results.
  • Automate business using tools and software and free up some time which can be used to focus on core business activities, development, and customer relations or simply to enjoy the fruits of business.

Competition may heat up or business conditions may change over time; a defendable business is one which can withstand challenges brought about by changes and Wealthification teaches how one can create a defendable business.

Success is not a one-off event in the lifetime of a business. Profits must be sustained as the business is a going concern. James Schramko business training teaches not only how to generate cash flow and increase profits but also how to keep the profits flowing for continued success.

Features of Wealthification

This James Schramko business training product provides:

  • A guide for creating a business plan
  • Checklists
  • Step by step system
  • Several modules which will teach assets, strategies, marketing, people, structure and more
  • Opportunity to perform a Wealthification analysis on one’s current and future business at the end of the training program

The training modules are available on various media such as video streaming, downloadable MP3 and MP4 recordings, and complete transcription of the modules in PDF format.

>> Learn how to create wealth from this James Schramko business training product and experience Wealthification.


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