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July 10 2010,

By now many already know that it is possible to make money on the Internet using effective Internet marketing techniques. But with so many gurus and teachers claiming to hold the keys to Internet success, you could easily spend thousands of dollars on tools and products that don’t work, unless you choose to listen only to proven experts such as those who are set to speak at the Fast Web Formula 2.

What is Fast Web Formula

Internationally renowned Internet marketing expert and teacher James Schramko maintains that there is a formula which you can use to earn lots of money online. While it took him years to develop this formula, James assures you that implementing it in your business will bring immediate profits and can be used repeatedly in other businesses.

Early this year, James decided to teach this formula to fellow marketers in a 3-day workshop called Fast Web Formula. The success of this workshop paved the way for a second training weekend in September this year, which he promised to be even more comprehensive and advanced than the first.

What you will learn

Fast Web Formula 2 is not for beginner Internet marketers because it will focus on techniques that require intermediate and advanced skills. Participants are assumed to know the basic principles when the experts discuss the latest strategies in:

* video marketing
* webinars
* Pay Per Click
* Domaining
* Article marketing
* Copywriting
* WordPress content management
* Lead conversions
* Automation and many more

This workshop will feature experts who are successful in their own fields such as John Carlton for copywriting, Dean Hunt for buzz marketing, Dave Wooding for automation, Kenny Goodman for domaining, Mike Rhodes for Pay Per Click, Leanne King for WordPress, Steve Brossman for Videos and Kerry Finch for article marketing.

The organizer, James Schramko, will share his latest strategies as well, some of which include the following:

* VSW formula: a new formula which he developed and uses to create additional annual 6-figure income and a technique that you can implement with similar results.
* Outsourcing army: he will teach you how to build your own outsourcing team quickly and how to run it well even as they are located at various parts of the world.
* BDA formula: This is his strategy for creating new information products at regular intervals while getting paid Before, During and After, thus the acronym BDA.

Unlike most marketing events, Fast Web Formula 2 is primarily a learning program aimed to teach you techniques that you can immediately use when you go home. James thought it best to limit seating capacity and maximize learning so it’s best to sign up early.

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