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April 17 2011,

Over the last 5 years, James Schramko has amassed an amazing amount of knowledge on how to get traffic to websites. He has used his strategies, tactics and tools (some of which he developed himself) to create a hugely successful online empire.

For over three months now, James Schramko has been assembling all of this information into a system – James loves systems. The result is the just-released Traffic Grab, a very comprehensive yet easy to understand course for getting targeted traffic to your website.

Amazingly, the first three modules are free – James’ way of demonstrating that this course is a no BS, thoroughly researched, and valuable product. He does not want to be grouped with those internet marketers who just rehash old material and label it as their own.

His methods are proven to work.

These first modules show, in video format:

  • The right way to research ‘buying’ keywords and keyphrases: you want buying traffic, not just lookers!
  • What type of content brings in those buyers
  • How to assemble your site in a way that will convert visitors to loyal customers

Once you have absorbed this preliminary information, the next three modules (the paid modules) encompass:

  • Massive traffic action
    Profiting from target traffic
    Leverage initial profit to make even more

Nine Hours Of Video

Don’t be mistaken though – the material here is not to be learned in one sitting. James Schramko has compiled 9 hours of video into this course. It has 24 traffic steps, his ‘spaghetti bowl’ mindmap (I recommend having this enlarged and printed to plan-size, laminate it and put it on your wall). It is a visual representation of all of the steps in Traffic Grab.

In the videos, James covers each section from scratch – ideal for beginners and for the more experienced marketers (who are probably doing it wrong!!). His methods for building a quality list of buyers are something every online business needs to grasp and master.

Importantly though, in Traffic Grab, James demonstrates how, once sales are made, you can leverage those sales to scale up for more profits.

Not Theory

Throughout his online career, James has been an advocate of Proof. We all know marketers who espouse theories that are often not their own and try to create an air of authority around themselves.

James, however, provides real case studies that demonstrate the results he has achieved using the various strategies that he outlines in TrafficGrab. He stresses that this is a System, and one that can be replicated by anyone prepared to Implement.

James Schramko’s Traffic Grab is well priced – half of it is free! – but when combined with an impressive Traffic Grab Bonus from his premium content writer, Kerry Finch, it is impossible to ignore.


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