Traffic Grab Bonus From Kerry Finch Gives The Winning Edge

March 31 2011,


If you’ve had your Internet marketing site up for several months but have yet to get the traffic you need to start making profits, Traffic Grab may be the shot in the arm your business needs. And it comes with an exciting Traffic Grab Bonus.

Traffic Grab is an exciting new online tutorial by Internet marketing guru James Schramko. Schramko has made a fortune pioneering the art of Internet marketing, and now spends his time teaching others how to quickly build six-to-seven figure online marketing businesses.

High Level Learning

With Schramko’s new online tutorial product, you’ll learn how the pros build their Web sites, generate traffic, manage mailing lists, outsource for maximum efficiency and how to leverage content. Schramko’s new product gives you real-world examples of how Internet marketers have employed the lessons Schramko has provided to get results. One affiliate case study included in the product shows how just one blog post earned an Internet marketer more than $20,000.

The information provided by the product is broken up into training modules, making the lessons more accessible and easy to digest. Each lesson is backed up by solid Internet marketing research. These are “best practices” that are tried and true.

Traffic Grab Bonus

While many new Internet marketing tutorial products can cost thousands of dollars, Schramko is making this product available for just $100.

If that’s not enough to convince you that this program is the right solution for you, consider this Traffic Grab bonus. Be one of the first 10 to subscribe to the program at (only) and you’ll get two free 400 word press releases crafted by Internet marketing professional Kerry Finch – the person who writes James Schramko’s premium content, and press releases. Until the end of April 2011, every purchaser will be entitled to one press release.

The releases can be on any topic you choose, and once they’re done, the releases will be submitted to a free press release network.

This valuable TrafficGrab bonus will further help you build your business by promoting your sites and giving you a professionally crafted template you can use to model your own press releases after. Having a good template to follow ensures that your press releases will meet network guidelines and that they have maximum appeal to readers.

Internet marketing is a tough business to break into, and many have tried and failed. Boosting traffic to your sites is imperative to creating a thriving online marketing business. With the Traffic Grab Bonus from Kerry Finch, you implement faster the skills necessary to get ahead of the thousands of other Internet marketers chasing the same dollar you’re after.


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