Tips On How To Run A Webinar

May 22 2010,

How many invitations to webinars are you receiving these days? How many have you attended? More importantly, how many did you sign up for, and then either forgot to attend, or decided you’d rather watch NCIS?

Elite internet marketers have realized in the last 12 months just how effective webinars can be.  But it has taken time to perfect conducting a webinar from a marketing standpoint.  Understanding how to make your invitation compelling, the logistics involved, the do’s and don’ts – all have needed some ironing out.

The reality is that now there are definite steps to take if you want to run a successful webinar.  James Schramko has held a webinar about…….  webinars – for the members of his private coaching forum SuperFastResults.  This is just one example of the perks that his members receive.

In this webinar he discusses how he orchestrates webinars that yield real and measurable results – and how this can be done whether you have 1o or 900 people attending (attendees don’t know how many others are listening in).

For everyone else though, the recording/filming of  James Schramko’s How To Run A Webinar  is now available for a nominal price.  But there is more to this offer – when you purchase the Webinar you will be offered free access to SuperFastResults Forum for 7 days for just $1!!  (Members pay $99 every month for access – and memberships are currently closed to the general public).  You will have full access to everything in the forum including training videos, webinar recordings and the amazing Schramko page builder – and there are lots of people who would love to get their hands on that!

This offer is for a limited time, so grab your copy of How To Run A Webinar now, for $US17, and join the forum for 7 days for $1.  Right now this is the ONLY way you can access the SuperFastResults Forum if you are not a current member.

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