Tips for newbie Internet marketers

January 14 2010,

Getting your Internet marketing business off the ground and keeping it afloat is a matter of knowing the right time to do the right thing. That’s a skill that comes naturally to some, and can be taught to most others.

James Schramko is a renowned Australian Internet marketing mentor. Having made a fortune in the game himself, he’s now primarily interested in training the next generation of Internet marketing moguls to take advantage of this remarkable new frontier in capitalism.

James regularly posts to his blog about very simple ideas that can have very positive results. He suggests that folks new to the Internet marketing game:

Identify strengths and weaknesses.

– Learn how big players in the game think, and emulate their tactics.

– Create recurring income for your business by building solid relationships with clients.

– Reach out to other providers for back up and reciprocate.

– Make “Mafia” offers, offers that clients can’t refuse.

There’s nothing James Schramko would rather see than other folks take advantage of his experience to become successful in Internet marketing. This new frontier in advertising has room enough for a lot of people to be successful, and he wants you to take your place at the table next to him.

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