The Big Squeeze

March 30 2010,

Internet marketing experts use the squeeze page as a tool for growing their list of potential customers.  The greatest living copywriter, John Carlton, in a recent interview with James Schramko, spoke at length about squeeze pages.

The squeeze page is a landing page or a simple webpage where all your reader has to do is to leave his name and email address in exchange for access to something of value. This page is important because it is where your reader gives his permission to remain informed through email.

Writing a squeeze page is easy. All you have to do is remember a few basic things such as the following:

Offer something for free.

People love freebies and often think it’s a good deal to exchange email information for something useful that costs nothing. Offering a free course, an e-book, or other information product that they find useful often works for collecting email addresses.

Insert a squeeze page in various parts of your page.

Persuasion can happen at various parts of your web page so it’s best to grab the chance to collect your reader’s email addresses whenever you can. To do this, you will have to break your sales letter into chunks of information and insert a squeeze page in between.

Hear the full interview that James Schramko conducted with John Carlton – it is a real eye-opener!

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