The Benefits of Building a Cheap Custom Website For Your Small Business

June 26 2012,

Today all Australian businesses that want to make an impact locally as well as nationwide could benefit tremendously from getting their own cheap custom website.

The benefits of having a cheap custom website

• Greater visibility online, which increases the likelihood that potential customers as well as potential partners will discover your business on the web via search engines.
• Another income stream if you decide to use contextual advertising or other types of ads on your website.
• Better image and reputation – Australians have come to expect all serious businesses to have a website.
• Last but not least, the opportunity to reach out to new audiences who otherwise would have remained inaccessible to you.

With so many great benefits, it’s obvious that any serious Australian business needs its own custom website. But how to go about getting one if you’re a small business with a limited budget?

Building your website

You can always build your own cheap custom website. The are free tools out there and tutorials that can help you do it, and then you can use a web host to get your website up and running. But this is not usually a viable option for Australian business owners, for two reasons: first, the results are unprofessional; second, it eats precious time that could otherwise be devoted to running the business.

Instead, you can have professionals build your custom website. LiveJam, for example, is one of the best-known Australian companies that provide custom websites at affordable prices. They take care of everything for you, so you can focus on managing your business.

A few sound reasons why you want experts to build your website.

• It will look great – no frames out of place, no menus poorly made, no bad graphics.
• It will load fast – the longer it takes for your website to load, the higher the chances that your customers will abandon it.
• It will reflect what your business is all about – it will have a unique logo, photos from your locations, and a mission statement that will be professional and will make it clear to customers that you’re for real.

Free template?

But you might wonder why build a custom website when you can use a free website templates provided by a platform like WordPress. Of course you can do that, and if you don’t currently have a business website, you should do that as soon as possible. But beware: a free template will make you look only semi-professional.

Do you want to build a cheap custom website for your small business right now? LiveJam can help you.

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