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August 25 2012,

Your online presence establishes your business brand and a business video creation service can help you establish your brand online and market it fast. Superfast Videos can help you whether you need to develop a logo or just want to take your business to the next step online.

As a business looking to increase online branding and marketing, hiring a business video creation service can give you an excellent source to get your logo or marketing materials out on the web where people can see them.

Online video is fast becoming the most common source of online information. According to You Tube [], they have 800 million unique users visit them monthly. With over 4 billion hours of video available in 60 languages, one can easily see why having a You Tube presence is vital to stay up on today’s internet. Utilizing a business video creation service can help you do this, which is just what Superfast Videos does for their customers.

Another use of You Tube and similar online programs is their advertisements. Due to the 800 million unique visits, and a triple increase in mobile You Tube usage, many advertisers, especially small business owners, have found advertising with You Tube to be advantageous []. Therefore, building your branding and marketing around video can certainly help increase your online presence and build your brand.

A business video creation service provides you with ready-to-upload, HD-quality video to be used to promote your brand or logo wherever you need it. Videos provide to-the-point, professionally beautiful videos to help you promote your business. Using SuperFast Videos gives you an amazing video for marketing and promotion that you would probably not have thought was possible for your small business.

Here are 4 reasons that you want to have a video for your business:

1. Over 30% of the world population is online (and 254 million in the US alone)
2. Over 80 percent of all people have smart phones (that means people are online ALL THE TIME)
3. 88% of internet users research products and services online
4. 70% of online consumers watch videos daily

With so many users on the Internet each day and the obvious increase in video viewing, not jumping on the video marketing bandwagon could be detrimental to your company. SuperFast Videos can provide you with a business video creation service that will help bring your business into the next millennium of marketing.

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