Superfast PPC Offers Tips From Marketing Masters

April 2 2012,

For beginning Internet marketers, or for experienced online entrepreneurs, learning how to more effectively use PPC marketing can give your company a significant advantage.

Whether you’re marketing for your business or starting a business that does online marketing for others, obtaining a mastery of PPC marketing basics can help you harness the Internet to provide effective and inexpensive marketing solutions.

What Is PPC marketing?

Pay-per-click marketing, or PPC, is a form of online marketing that makes use of PPC advertising to help drive traffic and business to companies’ websites.

PPC advertising is a form of online advertising used to herd Internet traffic to specific websites. Publishers of websites will be paid when visitors click on ads. On search engine websites, advertisers will bid on words and phrases that are relevant to the customers they’re trying to appeal to. Content websites will have a standard price per click rather than have advertisers make bids.

Knowing how to make a PPC campaign successful consists of knowing how best to organize your ads so that they appeal to both search engines and people. Effective PPC marketers need to know:

– How to design effective PPC ads that appeal to website visitors and will encourage them to click on a link or take other desirable action.
– How to use analytic tools to ensure that their PPC efforts are successful, and which ones need to be tweaked or discontinued.
– Using keywords and other search engine optimization techniques to make sites and ads friendly to search engines.
– Solid technical skills that can help them to fix faulty ads or build effective new ads.

Learn From The Best

The Superfast PPC course combines the experience of two of the greatest minds in Internet marketing – James Schramko and Mike Rhodes.

Schramko is a legendary Internet marketer who abandoned a promising career in the corporate world to strike out on his own in online marketing. Within three years of making this bold life change, Schramko’s online business experienced explosive growth and Schrmako became a sought-after adviser to online marketing professionals throughout the world.

Rhodes is a Google Certified Search Partner and owns WebSavvy, a Melbourne-based company that has generated more than $100 million in sales for partnering companies through pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Bottom line: Schramko and Rhodes are the real thing. By taking the Superfast PPC course, you’ll gain solid, concrete information that you can put into practice in your business instead of vague theorizing with no practical application.


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