Super Fast Websites Updated to LiveJam For 2012

January 9 2010,


The new access to the public for James Schramko’s website building service is LiveJam:

The Australian summer sea air is obviously doing internet marketing expert James Schramko a whole lot of good. Not only has he launched his private elite-level mentoring program, his new internet marketing training program for 2010, but he has just announced a brand new product that is going to make it possible for anyone to have a website – fast and simple.

Another of his SuperFast products, SuperFastWebsites (Update: now LiveJam), has just been launched that promises to create super SEO websites – and that’s what every internet marketer needs. Why go through the stress of building a site yourself, or, worse still, entrusting its build to some unknown person in a far away country?

James has recruited a professional team from the US to build his SuperFastWebsites – and he has been trialling and testing them for almost a year. He is renowned for not leaving anything to chance when it comes to internet marketing, so you can be sure this services is a finely tuned SEO machine!

How does it work?

Once you purchase your package (there are 3 to choose from) you will be asked to complete a brief and the more detail you can provide the better your outcome will be. So take the time to think about what you want of your site, look at others in your niche that might be doing really well, and note any others that you particularly like the look of.

The aim of Super Fast Websites is to deliver a website that matches your needs.

What is the timeframe?

Once you have completed the design form, a designer will contact you within two business days to set up your login to the project management system. At the same time they will be analysing the information you have provided and will clarify any points.

That being done, they then create an ‘information wireframe’ that outlines their vision of how the website will appear from an information structure stance.

Your mock up

As soon as confirmation to move ahead is received, the design process begins. Two initial mock ups will be delivered, and from that point 3 rounds of revisions are included. When final approval on one of them is received the design will be made into a website that will be live within 3 business weeks of receiving your order (they offer a nice guarantee for this too!).

Your own graphics?

If you already have a logo or graphics that you would like to include in your website design, get them all together! You will be required to upload them to the project management system (high resolution is vital) in the earliest stage of the project.

You’ll have to agree that this is a simple, easy and streamlined approach to getting your own SEO website compliments of James Schramko and his Website team.



The new access to the public for James Schramko’s website building service is LiveJam

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