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January 25 2011,

Many of those in the high level internet marketing forum SuperFastResults know that it’s co-owner (with James Schramko), Andy Grand, is a Super Affiliate – well now he is officially the SuperAffiliateGuy.

Over the last number of years Andy has devised strategies that have rewarded him financially and give him the recognition of experts in the affiliate marketing industry.

In both 2009 and 2010 he has received prestigious awards from Clickbank (after all he is one of their top 100 sellers).

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In September 2010, at FastWebFormula2 in Sydney, Andy brought his Swiss accent to the stage to tell people who had paid over $3000 to be there, some of his insights and the strategies that he employs to become a Super Affiliate.

But that was just the beginning.  This week marks the official launch of his video training program SuperAffiliateGuy, in which he reveals how he finds hot products in even hotter niches, the formula he uses to create a powerful promotional engine that can work on autopilot.

Andy is one of those rare affiliate marketers who is able to PROVE that what he does works – over and over again.

Check out the video here – and if you eventually purchase (just $197!!!!!!!) you will be given 2 months trial access to SuperFastResults private internet marketing forum for high achieving IMers (this alone is worth $99/month!!).  In this period you will have full access to all of the forum’s features, including the tools that James Schramko has had built to streamline his own business (my favorite is the iFrame tool!).

This is an offer too good to pass on – affiliate marketing enables you to make money without a product of your own, but there are a lot of snake oil merchants selling get-rich-quick schemes.  This is NOT what Andy’s SuperAffiliateGuy program is.  It is the real deal.

Take a look at the site now (listening to Andy’s Swiss accent is a reward in itself!)

>> SuperAffiliateGuy

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