Spaghetti Bowl Solution Use Infographics to Get More Traffic to Websites

June 22 2012,

A picture can speak a thousand words and on the Internet, information graphics or “infographics” have been proven effective to get more traffic for website and social media marketing. Infographics have been around for years and are used in traditional media such as road traffic signs, billboards and print ads. On the Internet, infographics are used as a type of content for blogs, websites and social networks, forming part of Internet marketing solutions such as Spaghetti Bowl, promoting sizeable traffic flows to target websites.

What are infographics?

Infographics are a combination of text, image and design, which communicate ideas and information quickly and clearly. It may use symbols, charts, graphs, tables, maps, lists and images to tell a story or convey a message.

Benefits of infographics

Attractive: Internet users are ordinarily attracted to objects that appeal to their visual senses. When designed the right way, infographics can be powerful tools for conveying messages where an image can appeal to the visual senses while accompanying text provides the context or call to action.

Quick view: Infographics are easily scanned and viewed; a shorthand alternative to long text paragraphs which take longer to read and process.

Viral capabilities: Infographics consist of image files that are easily distributed in social networks through click and share actions. Internet users, who identify with or like the message in an infograph, find it more convenient to click and share the image file on their social media profiles, and enjoy eliciting responses from their friends and contacts.

Brand awareness: A popular infograph bearing the company logo of its advertiser can promote brand awareness through sharing activities in social networks.

Increase traffic: Internet users are constantly looking for new, unique and interesting things to share on their web pages, Facebook Timelines or other social media profiles. Social media sharing buttons added to the infographic can provide a link back to the source web page, helping to drive Internet traffic from other web pages or social networks.

Search visibility: Popular infographics attract numerous backlinks from social networks, sending social signals to search engines about a website’s popularity or authority, an important factor in determining page rank in search engine results.

Developing fresh, unique and interesting content such as infographics, help websites get more traffic and is one of the solutions which Spaghetti Bowl offers for website owners, marketers, and advertisers. Text content provides substance while pictures attract the attention of targeted visitors. At Spaghetti Bowl, text and graphics are combined in the form of infographics, to enjoy the best of both and generate more traffic for website success.


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