Spaghetti Bowl: How to Get More Traffic without Spending More Time on Your Website

June 16 2012,


Getting good search rankings and generating organic traffic to a website is quite a challenge these days, in the wake of Google’s recent algorithm changes, Penguin and Panda. The search engine updates are intended to refine Google’s search results, eliminate low quality or irrelevant web pages while boosting more relevant and user-friendly sites. Website owners who want to make sure that their web pages are Google friendly and drive massive streams of Internet traffic or remedy a Penguin or Panda takedown can benefit from Spaghetti Bowl, the done for you service from James Schramko, designed for driving loads of traffic.

Keywords and inbound links from other websites are important signals to Google’s search crawlers and many Internet marketers resorted to practices such as keyword stuffing, content farming, link exchanges and other unnatural linking strategies in order to rank well in Google. As a result, some low quality web pages ranked very well. The Panda updates which started in 2011 removed duplicate content and pages with obviously spun content from Google’s search results pages.

The Penguin update in 2012 refined the search results further by eliminating web pages with unnatural links, poor quality inbound links, and excessive keyword usage, sending a message to everyone that over optimisation can have disastrous effects on one’s search rankings.

Why SpaghettiBowl works

Effective search engine optimisation does not rely on a single magic formula but consists in a combination of SEO strategies that are interconnected such as intelligent keyword usage, high quality content development, content distribution, social media integration, and online press releases. Each of these strategies are composed of various steps which take time to learn, implement, monitor and adjust in order to yield tangible results. Spaghetti Bowl takes care of the complicated process at a reasonable price, saving any website owner valuable time and energy, which are best used in managing the core business.

This done for you service comes in different packages to suit every business need and budget, and includes the following:

  • Standard SEO article writing
  • Publication in social networking sites
  • Content submission at high ranking sites
  • Content distribution on Web 2.0 sites

Websites with higher traffic requirements can benefit from its Large and Massive packages which include more keyword usage, articles and revisions, PDF and video dispersion and a Press Release.

Improving search rankings take time and can be an overwhelming maze of steps which you don’t have to figure out and implement on your own. When you use Spaghetti Bowl’s done for you service, you’re getting the expertise and experience of a highly successful team, so you can sit back and relax as your website begins to get more traffic and moves towards page 1 of Google search results for the keywords you choose.



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