Small Business Owners Buy Cheap Website Solutions Through The James Schramko LiveJam Service

June 22 2012,

Website development can cost some money but it’s an important investment that businesses need in order to survive or grow in an increasingly competitive market. The cost of a website depends on the complexity of its design and function. Websites with more functionality or requiring special programming skills will cost more than simple web pages. LiveJam provides various options including the chance to buy cheap website creation services for small business, start-ups and non-profit organisations.

Instant Pack: Simple websites with a few pages containing essential information about the business, description and illustration of products and services, a map showing business location, payment options and opening hours, are fast and easy to create. LiveJam uses the search engine friendly WordPress content management system and customisable Genesis themes to create a website from scratch and have it up and running in just a few days. Images, articles, blog posts and other types of content are provided by the client while LiveJam uploads client-provided content on the website. With such a low entry barrier to having an online presence, LiveJam’s Instant Pack allows everyone to buy cheap website solutions for their needs.

Bespoke Pack: An established business may have a corporate or brand image which must be maintained across media channels, including Internet marketing. Some online businesses may require more functionality such as video integration, slideshow or image gallery, contact form integration, opt-in form integration and unique page designs to suit their needs. A Bespoke Pack is the solution for customised website creation, utilising advanced programming skills and consuming more time in its development.

Geek Pack: An existing website may also need further enhancements or help with technical problems. LiveJam’s Geek Pack offers 5 hours of programming work, usable in 12 months and for any number of websites. Use the Geek Pack to troubleshoot website problems, migrate an entire website to another location or host, create a custom logo, populate an existing website with quality content or change the look and feel of an opt-in box.

Knowledge and expertise in the right tools and technology for website development enable LiveJam to provide affordable service packs, making it possible for anyone to buy cheap website solutions whether for creating websites from scratch or adding more features to existing pages. Understanding the importance of having a website is not enough as more businesses, offline establishments and service professionals are establishing and improving their online presence everyday. Don’t be left behind. Get a LiveJam website today.

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