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April 8 2010,

Whenever you are learning a new skill, trying to master a new concept, or stepping out of your comfort zone in some other way – you have a major choice:  you learn from an expert, or you find your own way.

If you are determined, you will achieve your goals eventually, whichever route you choose.  But if you start off by following an expert, your learning curve, and journey to success, will be much shorter.  Nowhere is this more evident that with internet marketing.

Because the internet is constantly evolving – a truly dynamic environment – trying to master techniques and strategies yourself is a big call.  Even worse is falling for some of the ‘get rich quick’ promises of the supposed ‘gurus’ out there.  Really, if they were all making millions every year, why are they trying to continually sell you stuff?  Wouldn’t they be kicking back in Hawaii or skiing in Aspen instead?

So when you find a real ‘expert’ like James Schramko, it becomes clear, very quickly, that he he the real deal.  Why?  Because of the quality free information he provides to anyone – via his InternetMarketingSpeed blog, and to his students in the SuperFastResults Members Only Forum.

He is so far ahead of the pack that he doesn’t mind sharing – and what he delivers is tried and tested.  He regularly consults with masters of particular fields, like copywriter John Carlton, Frank Kern, Dean Hunt, Ed Dale, Yanik Silver and the like.  And they look to him for cutting edge strategies.

James has recently posted a sensational piece on his blog, specifically for people starting out.  The content was compile because he is always being asked about what he does and how he does it – sometimes by complete strangers.

>>> If you are thinking of starting up an online business, this free post from James Schramko is a great launchpad.

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