Schramko On Goal Setting for Internet Marketing Success

May 19 2011,

In a recent short post on his blog, James Schramko, highlighted the need for goal setting and taking a strategic approach to realizing those goals, what he calls “starting with the end in mind”.

Many have started an Internet marketing business for various reasons and are often on the lookout for some formula that can guarantee success. While success stories abound on the Internet, there are countless others who struggle with the business, unaware of what they’re doing wrong. In his mentoring classes, renowned Internet marketing expert James Schramko teaches his students the importance of defining their goals and breaking them up into bite-sized steps or pieces.

Importance of goal setting

One of the biggest reasons people fail in life is the absence of a clear objective or goal. Defining what you want in clear terms is essential to success because only then will you be able to determine the tools and steps required to reach it. Successful businessmen spend some time brainstorming for goals every year. As previous targets are reached, new ones have to be made for the current year.

Write down your goals

Every business starts with a vision or mission and its goal is the ultimate destination. Successful people have superior goal setting abilities. They write down their goals and modify or add new ones as circumstances change. Writing down goals has a powerful psychological effect that helps motivate, provide focus and sustain momentum towards achieving the desired outcome. Writing down a goal also stirs the human senses and conditions the subconscious mind to accept it as real. This replaces negative thoughts which could be obstacles to success, with positive ones.

Breaking down goals

Another common reason why people fail to achieve their goals is the size of a goal. Big goals tend to overwhelm the mind with the amount of work, time, energy and resources needed to reach them. The solution is to break a big goal into small sequential parts and work on each part every day. To illustrate, if you want to earn from information product sales, it’s best to write down the steps required such as writing down or recording the video to be sold, outsourcing web development where the product will be marketed, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing and affiliate marketing. Each of these ideas can be further broken down to process steps.

Basic goal setting techniques apply not only in Internet marketing or business, but in other aspects of life as well. After defining a goal and breaking it down into smaller goals or parts, your next step is to take action on each part until you reach the desired outcome.

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