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July 10 2012,

LiveJam is a web development service launched not long ago by James Schramko, a well-known online marketer. It’s aimed at individuals and businesses who want to quickly and easily set up their own custom websites built on the WordPress platform. Here’s a look at James Schramko’s LiveJam and what it has to offer you.

The Bespoke Pack – A Complete Offering For Businesses

James Schramko’s LiveJam comes in three packs: Instant, Bespoke, and Geekpack. Each has its own advantages, but for most businesses Bespoke might be the most appealing because of its many features.

When you purchase the Bespoke pack you basically purchase a custom website built on WordPress. The website comes by default with a unique page and blog post design, contact and opt-in forms integration, image gallery, and video and social media integration. In addition, customers can highlight specific areas of their website to be improved or customised to fit the message of their business.

But there’s more to it. If you need a logo, customised plug-ins, unique skins for your YouTube pages and the like, you can buy a special pack and the web designers at LiveJam will take care of the work. What’s great about James Schramko’s LiveJam is that you pay only for what you need.

Mobile Friendly

LiveJam’s custom websites also come with mobile support. That’s important because today more and more users access the web using smartphones and other devices with small screens. Most conventional websites don’t display properly on small screens, and that’s bad for business. With custom websites from LiveJam, however, that’s not an issue.

How It Works

Building a website with James Schramko’s LiveJam is quite easy. Once you place your order and make your payment you are directed to a form where you have to enter the information necessary for building your website and integrating it with social media websites. If you have a hosting provider already, you will also have to provide details about it. Then you submit the form.

The moment the forms reach LiveJam, the team begins working on your website. They keep in touch with you all the while, requesting you to send them any files they might need for your website. The length of the website building process depends on how large and sophisticated you want your website to be.


All in all, the James Schramko LiveJam is an excellent choice for businesses that need a professional website.

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