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January 1 2010,

James Schramko is capitalizing on a tried and true favorite of his to rake in Internet marketing cash. James has had a lot of success with the “buy with bonus” method of Internet marketing.

In “buy with bonus,” the marketer offers the customer a bonus product free of charge along with the main product. James usually does this with products that are already hot sellers. After all, why should you bust your hump to sell an unknown product when you can capitalize on the popularity of a hot product or an avidly awaited soon-to-be released product by tossing in a little something else to sweeten the deal?

“Buy with bonus” has a lot of potential upside for Internet marketing professionals. For starters, it draws customers to buy from you rather than a competitor, and creates goodwill with your new customers. They like you because you gave them something. It also allows you to get rid of surplus from earlier marketing efforts. And, if you’re offering a good product as your bonus, some folks may even call you to buy the bonus product as a standalone. Executed properly, “buy with bonus” is an all around win-win-win.

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