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July 1 2012,

Google’s search results pages is made up of organic search results and paid advertisements which occupy the top one-third of the page. Studies suggest that Internet users tend to click on the links appearing on the first page of search results, particularly the top 3 links which currently appear as sponsored listings within search results.

While search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques can improve a website’s search rankings naturally, they often take some time to yield results unlike Google’s pay per click advertisements. Thus, online businesses need a combination of search engine optimisation and pay per click training such as the Superfast PPC program in order to rank well in search results and boost the number of site visits.

Difference between SEO and PPC

Sponsored listings on Google are paid every time a user clicks, interacts or completes an action with the ad, which is why it is referred to as pay per click or PPC. SEO requires an ongoing investment for improving and maintaining search rankings. PPC produces immediate results and works best as a short term strategy for creating awareness and boosting site traffic.

SEO takes time to yield results and is a long term strategy for generating site traffic. Advertisers can control the ad text appearing on the PPC listings while in organic search listings, the search engine determines which words or text to display in the search results. While both SEO and PPC can boost a website’s ability to appear in top search results, each involves distinct strategies that are best developed through specialisation and experience.

PPC as an online marketing strategy is important because it is flexible, scalable, measurable, and can enhance any marketing campaign. Together with SEO, PPC will not only boost search rankings but improve conversions for increased profits.

Learning how to implement PPC as a marketing strategy can be a challenge and website owners and new Internet marketers often find it difficult to find a comprehensive and effective pay per click training course for their needs. Superfast PPC is backed by Internet marketing experts who have successfully built their own Internet business empires following time-tested strategies and cutting edge tools.

Superfast PPC is a comprehensive pay per click training program which provides 8 weeks of training using recordings, forum coaching with a small and select group, access to templates, mindmaps, checklists and process maps. It teaches all there is to know about PPC such as adwords, keywords, landing pages, quality score, and tracking results. It’s the ideal solution for individuals who are highly motivated and prepared to invest in their future.

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