Online Business Training at James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula 3

July 13 2011,

Leading Internet marketer James Schramko has announced the dates of his much awaited Fast Web Formula 3 workshop. Taking place in the last weekend of October 2011, the latest installment of the Fast Web Formula is a prized catch for Internet marketers with a thirst for online business training opportunity.

Need for Internet marketing education

Reduce business errors

Internet marketing education is not only for beginners but also for Internet marketers with more advanced skills. The right training can jumpstart the business of those who are new to Internet marketing, shortening the learning curve and reducing costly mistakes.

Seasoned marketers, however, find that Internet technology is in a constant state of flux, rapidly changing the way business is done online. Some of the developments that left a significant impact on search rankings recently include:

  • the addition of social networking sites in search algorithms
  • the content farm modification
  • Google Places
  • Google +1

Thus, intermediate and advanced marketers need regular online business training to update their knowledge with the latest trends, tools, techniques and developments on the Internet.

Fast Web Formula 3’s major attraction lies in its comprehensive approach to online business success. No other training event has been able to present all the experts in one venue the way Fast Web Formula did in the past. Moreover, Internet marketing experts in the past workshops have shared their secret formulas to success, guaranteeing similar results in the business of its participants. James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula 3 also promises to reveal effective methods for earning profits quickly.

How to monetize WordPress sites: WordPress may have started as a free blog platform for online journals but its powerful CMS (content management system) allowed Internet marketers to include WordPress in their SEO strategies.

Offline business consulting: Internet marketing strategies are increasingly combined with traditional marketing techniques for growing typically offline establishments and increasing offline sales. This trend has prompted the growth of offline business consultants that provide valuable advice to small business owners and local businesses.

Speakers scheduled to share their techniques in the 3-day event are not mere Internet marketing teachers but are real businessmen with proven successes in their respective specialties. Their techniques have been created, tested, modified and measured for effectiveness.

This online business training event is a rare opportunity that comes once a year. Participants can expect to meet and interact with real experts such as James Schramko, Kyle Tully, Leanne King and Ed Dale. Fast Web Formula 3 is happening in Queensland, Australia on October 28, 29 and 30, 2011.

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