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November 25 2010,

James Schramko’s SuperFastResults Private Members forum is regarded as the premium think tank and learning platform for internet marketers.

It is a paid forum (but I have a special $1 offer below) – and it is one that few people, once they have access to it, leave.  The reason is described as the ‘pain of disconnect’ – quite simply, you lose so much if you decide to leave.  To leave SuperFastResults means the loss of:

  • Hundreds of video tutorials
  • Several years worth of webinar recordings and interviews with acknowledge experts in their field – e.g. John Carlton and Harlen Kilstein for copywriting and Leanne King (The WordPress Queen) for, of course, WordPress.
  • Proprietary tools, including Instant Page Creator tools that can have you build an affiliate site in around 2 minutes!
  • The mentorship of not just James, and his forum partner, affiliate marketing sensation Andy G, but also a whole community of other internet marketers who are pushing the boundaries in every facet of the industry.

But unless you actually get into the Forum and see for yourself, you cannot imagine the value of any of these to your business.

Via this private invitation, you are being offered a very special $1 trial  –  an amazing opportunity to come into the Forum and see for yourself exactly how it can give you the tools, strategies and mentorship you need to launch a successful online business – or take your current business to a whole new level.

This offer is NOT open to the public, it is available by invitation only.

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