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June 11 2010,

Spend a little time on this website, and you will begin to understand how innovative is James Schramko.  He has earned his place in the ranks of the best internet marketers in the world, and he has done this not by self-promotion.

So How Does James Schramko Do It?

  • Constant research, testing strategies, trial and error. Result = the development of cutting edge tools and techniques.
  • Providing quality and devoted mentorship to his students and members of his  SuperFastResults Forum (for how to get a $1 trial see this post >> How To Run A Webinar <<
  • Creating a band of followers through the generous free internet marketing advice he delivers in his blog
  • Paving the way for new, intermediate and advanced marketers to push through to their next levels of learnings through his rare workshops
  • Having his expertise acknowledge by some of the top names in the industry – people who come to him for advice, and who are lining up to be guests at his workshops

The next workshop is being held in Sydney Australia, September 10-12, 2010.  It will be sold out when it is officially launched in coming days – no doubt.  And there will be a lot of affiliates offering incentives for you to purchase a seat or two through them.  But here is a tangible one, with real value to internet marketers.

Fast Web Formula Bonus Articles Package

If you purchase your tickets through me, directly from this website (be sure to clear your cookies before you click on the next link to be sure the sale is tracked to me), I have something special for you.  I will give you as a bonus that no-one else will deliver, and that has real value to you as an internet marketer, 10 x 400 word articles, written by me, and distributed via a powerful backlink creating article network.

The value of this bonus is $US325.00.  Clear your cookies now and >> click here << to register.

These are not articles written by someone in a third world country, they are not PLR articles, they are articles written by me, Kerry Finch, one of the experts James Schramko has invited as a guest presenter at the Workshop.  Buy your ticket through me, get some great SEO articles distributed, and catch up at the event as well!

How To Claim Your Bonus

Once you purchase your ticket through my link, send me an >> email << and I will confirm your bonus, and send you a brief for your articles.  You will have up until December 31, 2010 to claim your bonus – allowing you plenty of time to hone your skills at the workshop before using them.

Don’t squander the opportunity to learn intermediate to advanced internet marketing strategies at this James Schramko workshop in September, and grab a great bonus at the same time!

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