Offline Business Consulting – Learning The Ropes

January 11 2013,

Home-based businesses comprise a growing sector in the Australian economy with about a million businesses in various industries being operated from home. This number is expected to grow as Internet technology continuously makes it easier and cheaper to work from home or from any part of the world. Anyone can work from home using skills developed from previous training and employment experience and start an offline business consulting venture.

Online business trend

More offline establishments and service professionals are going online to grow their businesses by taking advantage of the wide reach of the Internet. Economic challenges are also driving real stores and offices to switch to online stores operated from the home front while many more are expected to establish purely online stores without first setting up brick and mortar counterparts.

Factors affecting online business trend

Improved technology: Information technology has become more mobile and user friendly with advanced gadgets that merge mobile and Internet technology hitting the mainstream last year. Experts predict changes in consumer behaviour as more people now look for products and buy them online using their mobile phones or tablets. More purchases are now taking place outside of the real stores.

Economic: An online business is easier and less expensive to set up than a brick and mortar shop or office. Low overheads and startup costs are attracting more entrepreneurs and businessmen to the Ecommerce. Personnel who were displaced in downsized companies switched from being employees to outsourcers whose services and projects revolve around an online presence

Online business challenge

While an online business may seem easy and inexpensive to set up, most business owners don’t know how to create one or where to start. It is possible to learn how to create a website and maintain one but lack of time and access to quality training can be deterrents. A business owner will most likely look around for an offline business consultant who can provide sound advice about setting up an online business.

Consulting training program

Ideally, you should have some background in Internet marketing to start an offline business consulting business. Fortunately, there are training courses that teach you how to start and operate a consultancy and get your first clients immediately. These courses are usually developed by Internet marketing experts who developed and tested their own techniques with much success. Consulting Tycoon is one such high level training program, which has been created by an Aussie colleague of mine, Kyle Tully.

I know people from all around the world who are now running successful online business consultancies and many of them have learned (and many continue to be mentored) by Kyle.

Offline business consulting services are varied although demand is higher for web development, SEO, SEO content creation, social media marketing and video marketing services. You can select one, learn it well and master it to become a specialist or resell some services for a handsome profit.

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