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February 7 2011,

Australian Internet marketing guru James Schramko is known for constantly tweaking his Web pages to squeeze more conversions out of them. Schramko’s approach has been successful for him and the many people who turn to him for Internet marketing mentoring.

One of Schramko’s latest innovations is an animated button that replaces the standard “submit” button on e-mail capture pages. Schramko developed the idea after reading that Web page visitors pretty much skip over e-mail privacy disclaimers.

Why An Animated Button?

James decided to create an animated button to get visitors’ attention and to instantly reassure them that their online privacy would be respected if they opted in to his site’s e-mail subscription service. The new button depicts and eye-catching animation and a promise of no spam.

This simple animation quickly and effectively informs the visitor that signing up won’t result in his or her inbox being deluged with junk mail, and important concern for many online customers. People are spending an increasing amount of time weeding junkmail from their inboxes, and thus are wary of signing up for yet another source of recurrent mail.

Proof Positive

E-mail subscription can be a powerful marketing tool, however, so getting visitors to opt in can be very important for online marketers. Testing has shown that Schramko’s new button gets results, greatly improving conversion rates.

James’ button has a rate of 52 percent conversions, over 42 percent for a standard “submit” button, a significant increase. While many online marketing strategies and tools are hard to determine success rates for, Schramko’s button has easily quantifiable data regarding its track record.

Believe it or not, James offers this button for free for Internet marketers on his site. With just a few clicks of a mouse, the button can be downloaded and put to work on visitors’ sites.

A part of good business lies within turning that which lacks value into something of value. James has done just that with the stodgy old e-mail privacy notification, livening it up and making it a valuable part of his overall Internet marketing effort.

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