Mike Rhodes PPC Training in Superfast PPC Shows Businesses How to Dominate Search Results

July 9 2012,

Search engine optimisation may be an effective strategy for any website to appear in Google’s top search results but the constant algorithm changes can jeopardize search rankings at any time unlike sponsored listings also known as pay per click (PPC) ads. SEO and PPC are distinct and powerful strategies for boosting site awareness; when combined, they can help businesses dominate search results pages through paid and organic listings. Various training courses on the Internet will offer to teach PPC to a beginner but none are as comprehensive and supportive as the Mike Rhodes PPC training course found in Superfast PPC.

Like any Internet marketing strategy, PPC has various components which Mike Rhodes PPC training recordings will clearly explain, demonstrate and integrate for students to learn and implement in their own businesses. The Superfast PPC program will cover important elements such as:

  • Adwords
  • Keywords
  • Ads and landing pages
  • Build a campaign
  • Quality score
  • Tracking
  • Display network
  • Reporting

Mike Rhodes is an expert at PPC and has specialised in paid searches for years. He lends valuable knowledge and insight to the Superfast PPC program and guides students through forum coaching, ultimately developing PPC experts among them.

The training course can be completed in as little as 8 weeks using recordings and coaching sessions which promotes maximum knowledge in the shortest time possible.

Why learn PPC?

PPC is an important Internet marketing strategy which, unlike SEO, is flexible, scalable, and measurable and enhances SEO efforts by appearing along with organic search listings.
PPC is an effective strategy for instantly creating brand and product awareness, generating site traffic and boosting conversions of site visitors into buyers. The concepts involved can be confusing to a newcomer and integrating them into a whole marketing strategy is also a challenge. It is not for everyone, however, as PPC requires a minimum level of commitment to learn and master the techniques, motivation, and a budget sufficient to support a PPC campaign. Thus, the Superfast PPC program is ideal for internal PPC managers, local business consultants, business owners, and Internet marketing specialists who wish to offer PPC to clients.

Admission to the Mike Rhodes PPC training is highly selective and only those who display a high level of motivation and commitment to learn, are financially capable of starting a PPC campaign and can maintain strict confidentiality are allowed into the Superfast PPC course.

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