Marketing PR Agencies Can Offer SEO Services

February 14 2011,

Marketing, Public Relations and  Small Business Consultancies are increasingly being asked by their clients to provide Search Engine Optimization SEO Services.  However, SEO is a specialized area, and one that if not carried out correctly will cost their clients’ in terms of website traffic, sales and profits.

Up until now, what many have done is either turn this business away, or refer their clients to SEO specialists (or people who claim to be SEO specialists!).

How To Add SEO To Your Services Portfolio

In 2009 Australian internet entrepreneur James Schramko established SEO Partner, a done-for-you search engine optimization service.  He created the business from scratch, trained teams (to his very high standard) in his SEO strategies and offered the service to friends and colleagues.

As the number of small business consultants emerged in the growing offline consulting industry, the need for a Reseller program for SEO Partner became clear.  These resellers are now offering their clients the high level SEO services that they would not normally have the skills to provide, and their clients think of them as stars.

The Reseller model is ideal for marketing consultants and PR agencies as well. To be able to add SEO to an agency’s suite of products can make the difference when a client is ready to commit.  No extra staff need to be employed and trained – the whole SEO component is outsourced to SEO Partner.

Personalized Reports Delivered

While this arrangement has been available for some time now, it has only recently been possible to have monthly SEO reports branded with the Reseller’s logo, for immediate despatch to clients.  This further enhances the credibility of the organization using the Reseller services of SEO Partner.

Marketing PR Profits

The fact that this service can be offered to clients is nice.  But what is more than nice is what you can charge for using the Reseller model:  anything you like.  It is not unusual for a marketing consultancy or PR agency to add 100% markup to the SEO Partner service – it is THAT good that their clients will be more than satisified with the service.

Act Now!

High level SEO services such as SEO Partner provides is not offered every day, and if ever a marketing PR business could find an easier brand extension than offering “….. (company name) SEO Services” – well, let’s just say, they couldn’t!

Learn more about the  SEO Partner Reseller model

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