Marketers To Tweet Sunshine Coast And Queensland To The World

October 8 2011,

Media Release, October 7, 2011

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Marketers To Tweet Sunshine Coast And Queensland To The World

Hundreds of the top internet marketers from all around the world are gathering on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast from 28-30 October. These social media masters will be sending thousands of messages to Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  They will be uploading videos to YouTube, and they will be posting on their websites and blogs.

The marketing power that these online business experts wield is unparalleled, and the challenged Queensland tourism sector will reap the rewards.

FastWebFormula3 Comes To Caloundra

These marketing and online entrepreneurs will be attending James Schramko’s 3 day event, FastWebFormula3, in Caloundra.  Delegates and presenters are travelling from the USA, UK, United Arab Emirates, Asia and NZ to join their Australian colleagues in learning the latest cutting edge strategies for online business success (details at

The training event has been held in 2009 and 2010 in Sydney, but for 2011 James asked his Event Manager, Noosa resident, Kerry Finch, to find a venue in Queensland that his guests would find conducive to a high level learning experience.

“When looking for a venue we had some very specific requirements.  It needed to be well equipped, and meet our needs for the large numbers attending, and have easy access to a range of accommodation options.” said Kerry.

“As soon as I met the team at The Events Centre, Caloundra, I knew it would be perfect for us.” she said.

Ms Finch said that almost all of those attending FWF3 are spending more time in Queensland. “Many are designing family holidays around the event, moving down to the Gold Coast afterwards.  I’ve encouraged others to come up to Noosa to enjoy all it has to offer, and golf resorts have also been popular add-ons.”

Social Media Power

Throughout FWF3, those present will be tapping away on their smart phones, iPads and laptops – they are encouraged to use social media throughout the event, to post about what they are learning and who is speaking.  At past events, this has created an amazing buzz throughout the online world.

Social proof is more powerful than any advertisement or Yellow Pages listing will ever be. Wherever the members of this group (of hundreds) go during their stay, they will be posting of their experiences to Facebook, and Twitter.  Where they eat, what they are eating (and yes, they will take pictures of their food!), who they are with – all will be broadcasted to the world.

They will discuss cruises, golf, fashion, markets and other types of retail therapy – they are the kings and queens of social proof and photo/video uploads – powerful media for reinforcing what they are talking about.

How Business Can Benefit

FastWebFormula3 delegates will be using their smart phones to ‘check-in’ on Facebook – so make it easy for your business to be found by having your location already entered on the Facebook iPhone app.  And if you don’t already have a Facebook Page, set one up!

Have special offers for FastWebFormula visitors – put a notice on your window to encourage them to come in and post about their visit.  Contacgt Kerry know  if you have any special offers for delegates.

Better still, attend the event.  Every business these days, whether they are conducting transactions online or not, needs to have an online presence, because that is where their clients are looking for them – on the internet.

There will never be a better opportunity to connect and network with others who are learning how to create a successful online presence and about the many different business models that can be embraced, and most of these fall into the work-from-home model. (Note, the price is set to rise on October 16.)

More information, or to register visit

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