Managing and Organizing Outsourced Internet Marketing Work

February 9 2011,

Staying organized is a tough challenge for Internet marketers, but with BaseCamp and other management tools, you can allow you to manage a variety of projects, which comes in handy if you’re farming out work to others.

Outsourcing work can be very helpful to Internet marketers as it allows them to take on additional business. Managing others online can be difficult, but BaseCamp provides a great format for turning your online operation into a virtual assembly line — timely, efficient and productive.

Internet marketing leader James Schramko recently shared some thoughts regarding how best to run an outsourced Internet marketing operation. Schramko says establishing a base of trusted providers and effectively managing them is key.

Recruiting Outsourcers

Recruiting a team is your first step. Schramko says Internet marketers will want to find providers who will provide reliable writing, Web design, etc. work on a regular basis. This is much more efficient and reliable than bidding out projects time after time, rolling the dice regarding whether you’ll get a reliable worker or a fly-by-night operator on each project.

It’s good to find dedicated suppliers than multi-taskers. Entrust your writing to a writer, Web design to a designer, etc.

When seeking reliable partners, try talking to your fellow marketers first. If they can’t refer you to a good partner, try job boards such as Odesk or online classified sites like Craigslist.

Once you’ve recruited your team, be patient. It may take time for your new employees to get familiarized with your format and way of working. They may need a little coaching up from you.

To keep up with the multiple projects you have going, use BaseCamp. BaseCamp is an online management program that allows you to assign and manage projects and take submissions from your employees. It’s easy for both you and your employees to upload and use, and helps coordinate workflow in an efficient manner.

There are a number of other applications you can use to boost efficiency as well, including Google Docs, Skype and Dropbox.

Done properly, outsourcing Internet marketing work can help you build up your business while taking a lot of the workload off your shoulders.

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