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August 24 2012,

James Schramko is known for his internet marketing innovations, and Live Jam, a James Schramko SEO service pack, is one that no business should be without. Together with his team he has done it again; providing a top-notch package available to website owners to boost business and traffic to any site on the web.

We all know that SEO is important – in fact, it may be one of the most important driving forces on the Internet. Therefore, understanding SEO and how to drive traffic is vital. James Schramko’s team of experts is one that you want on your side to get more traffic to your website.

By purchasing SEO service pack’s, such as Live Jam, you will find increased traffic to your website within days. With little preparation on your part, the ranking of your webpage will increase and you’ll receive premium customer service and live support.

Live Jam PRO SEO pack puts together a quality package of content that is distributed to quality websites by using three keyword choices or phrases you provide. With the use of anchor text, all Web 2.0 properties will lead search engines back to your site.

Here are some of the things that you will receive by purchasing the Live Jam PRO SEO pack:

• One original article
• Five re-written articles based on that original article
• Posting/distribution of your content on reputable websites
• Three embedded follow links
• Advertise content through social media
• All posted content is bookmarked appropriately
• Mashed and syndicated RSS feeds
• Post content is pinged
• Reports sent including what was done, including before and after page ranking

In addition, you will receive hints on how to better track your website content and page ranking to help you see how you are doing before and after your Live Jam purchase. Knowing how to track keywords and phrases as well as setting Google Alerts can help you become more aware of what works for your website.

The Live Jam PRO SEO pack is a great package for any website, regardless of current size and traffic patterns. James Schramko SEO service team provides excellent resources and content through the Live Jam PRO SEO package and is something that every website owner should consider purchasing if they want to increase traffic to their site and see their rankings begin to climb.

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