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July 5 2010,

Attending live Internet marketing events is a must for marketers who want to improve their skills and take their business to the next level. As tools and applications are upgraded and developed at a fast pace, learning new techniques and systems or advanced Internet marketing training becomes necessary to keep up with the latest trends.

What you can learn

Local Business Consulting

This is one of the most lucrative of the internet marketing business models around today.  It recognizes that offline businesses – even the local barber shop – need to have an online presence if new clients are to find them.

Video marketing

Internet marketing experts cite video marketing as the hottest thing to hit the Web as sites with videos rank well in search engines like Google. If there’s one thing that you should add to freshen up your website, that should be relevant video content. Learn how to create and post videos to your own sites as well as generate sitemaps for them to boost search rankings from experts.


Another business model that has been a good source of passive income is the art of domaining. In a nutshell, domaining involves buying and selling domain names, particularly dot coms, and is considered the Internet equivalent of real estate properties. A distant relative of domaining is domain flipping which is generating much interest as well among participants of advanced internet marketing training events.

Article marketing

This technique makes SEO a breeze by taking a handful of your best content and creating multiple variations that are unique for massive distribution online. Experts can show you the best tools and systems that produce high quality article variations.

Webinar strategy

The webinar should be an essential tool in every advanced Internet marketer’s arsenal. Use it to reach more people worldwide without leaving your home or packing your bags. Conduct meetings, conferences, teach or conduct trainings from the comfort of your own home using webinar technology. A webinar can also be sold as an information product or used as a free enticement for your website.

You’ll probably find lots of live seminar announcements online and discover that these don’t come cheap. These events are often hosted by groups of marketers but the best ones are those that are conducted by experts who practice what they preach and are not mere trainers or speakers.

Choose your events wisely by finding out as much as you can about the speakers at these events. Read up on any feedback about their products and past events before forking out cash. Ask about the seating capacity; having limited seats is a good indication of the organizers’ commitment to provide you with quality advanced Internet marketing training rather than high ticket sales. Despite the costs associated with attending live seminars and workshops, the knowledge, interaction and contacts you make at these events make them worthy investments.

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