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May 29 2010,

A webinar is not a guaranteed success just because you have a good product to push or because you get the word out.  According to James Schramko regarding how to host a webinar, you have to fashion the webinar to make it interesting to the participants, either by allowing more interaction from them or by presenting a strong argument for your service or product.

1. Getting the Word Out

You might set up your webinar to appeal to the general public by blasting notices to everyone you can reach, or you may wish to target a preferred and specific client base.

2. Evading Competitors

One distinct advantage to webinars is that it makes it more difficult for your competitors to keep track of what you are doing.  You operate under their radar by using closed joint-venture groups.

3. Webinar Marketing

Another point that James makes about webinars concerns the value of the webinar as a marketing tool after you’ve conducted it.  As important as it is to get people to tune it to the event itself, another real value comes from reselling the webinar to those who do not attend.

4. Resell Formats

Webinars can be sold in audio format or video, whichever works best based on the content of the event.  A webinar that has a lot of graphic support will obviously work better as a video than it would as an audio.

5. Interactive Connection

One of the first concepts to have in your mind when you learn how to host a webinar is that your audience is there with you in almost the same capacity as if you traveled to a meeting.  The reason that the interactive format works so well is that the audience feels a connection that they wouldn’t if they had no voice in the proceedings.

6. Generating Membership Site Interest

James Schramko points out that webinars are perfect for membership sites.  This keeps the members of the group tuned in to what is going on and renews interest in your products and/or services.

7. Time Zone Considerations

When conducting a webinar, you have to keep in mind the different time zones of the participants.  It is not always convenient for you when you host webinars for people located halfway around the world.

As new methods come online, it is easy to see that learning how to host a webinar is becoming increasingly more important to the overall success of the entrepreneur.  The best way to make yours successful is by gleaning advice from people like James Schramko, who has been successful with his own webinar hosting for over two years.

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