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July 28 2010,

People are increasingly lured into Internet Marketing as it represents their ticket to financial freedom with high passive income streams on autopilot.

While creating your first website and selling some products in it are fairly easy to do, making your first few sales and maintaining a steady stream of income can be difficult

– unless you follow effective tips such as those revealed by Internet marketing expert James Schramko in his InternetMarketingSpeed Report.

Starter formula for online business

The fastest way to start and maintain an online business is by:

  • Building your contact list by offering free reports in exchange for email addresses.
  • Automate one-time sales offers using an autoresponder
  • Sell memberships to gain monthly recurring income.
  • Create and market your own information products and automate delivery

Organization and time management tips

Procrastination, distractions and inefficient systems keep you from achieving your goals. Even the most well laid plan won’t make you successful unless you take action now. If not having enough time is also preventing you from making any progress in business, James Schramko shares the following tips for putting things in order and being disciplined with your time:

  • Organize your electronic and paper files
  • De-clutter your workspace and PC memory always
  • Use simple and efficient systems like Basecamp HQ
  • Filter incoming mail for later access
  • Unsubscribe from marketers or websites that offer little or no value to your business.
  • Backup all your files regularly using external storage devices and remote data storage services.
  • Optimize your PC’s performance regularly by clearing its cache and deleting files you don’t need.
  • Use templates for documents and messages you regularly churn out.
  • Create mindmaps to help you remember how things go.

While tools and systems can simplify Internet marketing, getting everything to work smoothly still requires a series of steps and attention to details. It’s easy for marketers and business owners to feel overwhelmed by the tasks unless you focus on one project at a time and make it a point to implement one new thing everyday until your business runs perfectly.

The InternetMarketingSpeed report recognizes as well the importance of the intangibles like mindset and focus. Having the right mindset is very important in this business because the learning curve can be steep and online competition can be fierce. Aside from using all the right tools and systems, you’ll have to stay positive, retain focus and persevere with your goals to succeed in Internet marketing.

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