Juggling Act?

February 8 2010,

The sad fact is that the vast majority of Internet marketing businesses fail in their first year. One of the leading causes of these businesses’ failure is poor time management by Internet marketers.

The Internet marketing business requires a lot of self-discipline and self-reliance. It’s not a job for self-starters, not people who need an alpha dog to motivate them. Being successful in a home online business requires you to take charge of your schedule and engage in constant ruthless self-examination and self-improvement.

In a recent post to his blog, Australian marketing expert James Schramko suggests Internet marketing professionals maximize their efficiency by engaging in after-action reviews of projects, making use of time management software, setting solid schedules and deadlines and learning what aspects of your business you should delegate. One of the biggest tips he has to offer, is that if you have trouble doing tasks, or don’t enjoy them – then outsource them to other people. Only spend YOUR time on the things that make you happy (and usually these are what makes you the most money as well).

Internet marketing offers a chance for just about anyone to take control of their lives back from big corporations and middle management. The amazing freedom that comes with establishing your own Internet marketing business can only be realized with stern self-discipline and an enthusiastic, energetic spirit. By learning to manage your time, you can harness the qualities and skills inherent in you to create financial freedom for yourself and your loved ones.

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