James Schramko’s Guide to Video Sitemaps

June 11 2010,

Videos are a great way to add content not only because they keep your audience glued to your site but more importantly because search engines like Google rank them well in search results. Not all videos, however, get indexed and ranked accordingly, as Google admits that its web crawlers may find only those covered by sitemaps. This is why expert Internet marketers like James Schramko recommend creating and submitting a sitemap containing your website’s video file location. James outlines the details in his InternetMarketingSpeed blog. A summary:

What are Sitemaps

A website can accumulate tons of files as you add content to it regularly. These can make it difficult for search engine bots to find all of your site’s contents and rank then accordingly. Sitemaps are files that tell Google about pages on your site making it easier for Google to find all the pages in it. These files, preferably in XML format, contain lists of the pages on your website.

Adding Video Sitemaps

Google ranks video content well so it’s best to post videos and submit your sitemaps as well. While adding videos hosted by sites like YouTube may not require sitemaps, posting your own video file using a professional video player like EZS3 can be a little tricky because of encryption. James, however, shares how it’s done like a pro so you can easily create a video sitemap in no time.

Here’s how:

1: Go to your EZS3 account.

2: Find the video you want to create a sitemap for.

3: Click on “Manage Players” for one of the supported formats like flv, MP3, etc.

4: Select Player to Edit, choose one of the videos and click on the “View Player” button.

5: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on either “Javascript Code” or “HTML Code”; click the “Select Code” button, then copy the content (Ctrl-C for PC and Command-C for Mac users)

6: Go back to EZS3 video sitemap generator and paste the code you copied to the Video Content location box.

You’ll also have to input other necessary information like the location of the play page, thumbnail, title and description of the video, which are easy to do. James also recommends adding your video’s duration and a couple of video tags.

This system is ideal for Internet marketers who manage multiple websites with lots of video content like James Schramko. It’s an essential technique that every Internet marketer must practice for better search rankings.

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