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January 11 2010,

Australian marketing guru James Schramko says its vital for folks new to the Internet marketing game to get connected by tapping into vital online services.

It goes without saying that anyone doing business via the Web should have an e-mail account, but there’s a lot of choices out there. Yahoo, Hushmail, AOL, each service has its advantages and disadvantages. Schramko says that for business purposes, GMAIL works best. It’s secure, user-friendly and is connected to the ubiquitous Google search engine. For your other communication needs, Schramko suggests Skype, the Internet-based telephone communications company. It’s inexpensive and reliable and a growing number of people worldwide are using it.

For any Internet marketer, providing for the safe electronic transfer of funds is a must. After all, no one wants their hard earned money disappearing into the ether, or into the pocket of a fly-by-night company. Schramko suggests PayPal for your electronic funds transfer needs, as the site is very reliable and easy to understand.

Having a good auto-responder program is also a must for anyone doing Internet marketing. Schramko says Aweber is an excellent program for these purposes.

The best thing about these services is that most are available for free or are very inexpensive. Keeping your overhead costs down and your efficiency up by using these tools is a fantastic way to start growing your Internet marketing business.

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