SilverCircleMasterclass by James Schramko and Mike Rhodes becomes SuperFastPPC

December 31 2011,

Silver Circle Masterclass > SuperFastPPC


In late 2011 James Schramko and Mike Rhodes conducted an online SilverCircle PPC Masterclass, the digital recordings have now become the must-have PPC accessory for internet marketers with clout:  SuperFastPPC

Mike is an accredited Google Partner, and is one of the most highly respected pay per click (PPC) advertising experts in the world.  He runs sophisticated Google Ad campaigns for some of the most successful online businesses, and in this digital training, takes students by the hand – teaching them the basics through to his own high level strategies.

Through a combination of organic and paid listings, businesses can establish theirs as authority websites, and dominate their market.  Such combination of premium SEO content and targeted paid advertising can result in a business owning the first pages of search results.

Topics covered include:

– Overview of Adwords
– Keywords Research
– Creating Ads
– Landing Pages
– Campaign building
– Quality Score
– Tracking and Analytics
– Display
– Reporting

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