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December 31 2009,

James Schramko really knows how to network.

Many people that already consider themselves internet marketers don’t quite qualify for the title yet. It may just be something they aspire to. They have a way to go in their learning and should consider getting training from professional marketers that have been doing business online for some time.

They could learn valuable lessons and insights from people like internet marketer James Schramko, or another worthy teacher.

Conducting business online is quite different to doing business offline. Online businesses have always had one aspect missing that traditional businesses have always had in their favour – human interaction.

Psychology will tell you that a human touch can instantly convey sincerity, warmth, kindness, or a sense of trustworthiness where a virtual business world has more difficulty getting their ‘human-ness’ across.

Anyone that has been in internet marketing for awhile knows this. Those very new to internet marketing may not have come to realize this yet.

Internet Marketers That Breach the Gap

Internet marketers worth your time, like the previously mentioned internet marketer James Schramko, will be sure to point out to you that this one element of doing business is essential if you are looking for any long-term success. This is why video and audio have become increasingly popular with internet marketers. It gives their product and services a face and a voice. Minus the actual touch of a handshake, they are real and personable.

Person-ability and accessibility are two of the most valuable ways to tell if an internet marketer actually cares about you and what they are teaching you. Do they have a blog on which you can leave comments and they often respond back with their own comments?

This would show whether they are reading their blog comments or not. Do they offer training in person, or offer ‘watch over their shoulder’ demonstrations or tutorials?

Why Connection is Important

Watch their body language. How do you feel when you listen to their audio or watch their video? If their face seems relaxed and they smile, does that put you at ease? Read the body language like you would in person.

We read all of these signs in the ‘real’ world without realizing it and our intuition will give us a sense one way or the other at times. But it is this dimension that is missing online and where internet marketers need to be sure they are making themselves more available to those they would like to consider their customers or ‘fans’. They need to connect.

Internet marketer James Schramko knows the value of sharing his expertise and knowledge in videos and other personable training products. To meet him at a seminar, conference or by getting any direct internet marketing training from him, you will learn that he likes to connect. He has the qualities you look for in someone you want to learn from or do business with whether online.

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