James Schramko, Fast Web Formula and Australian Internet Marketing

January 7 2011,

Australian internet marketing professionals are fast becoming some of the most powerful in the world – a really strange phenomenon.  They are developing tools and strategies that become the cornerstone of the most profitable product launches and James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula 3 takes it to a whole new level.

Isolated But Not Out Of Touch

We all know that Australia is an isolated continent, so it is hard to grasp that some of the most groundbreaking developments in internet marketing emanate from there.  The thing is though, the internet has made it possible for people to work from just about anywhere they can find a reliable internet connection.  And, at least in the populated coastal areas, Australian internet marketing is well-served in this regard.

Many of the big name multinational players in this dynamic industry have outposts in Australia: Microsoft  and Google being the most notable.  The developers of the yet-to-be released Wave – which will revolutionize the way we communicate electronically – live in Australia.

What sets Australians apart when it comes to things internet is that they are, and always have been, early adopters of technology.  This perhaps is by virtue of their geographical isolation.  They ‘get’ having to travel 17 or 23 hours to network with the top names in the industry.  They know they need to use VOIP to conduct meetings and interviews.

But perhaps what Australians have that other countries don’t is top level internet marketers who are keen to train others to do just what they do. No BS, almost no scams (they call them ‘cons’), and really good, up to the minute mentorship.

Australian Internet Marketers Lead The Way

It is perhaps not surprising then that so many Australians (and New Zealanders for that matter, e.g. Mark Ling) are setting the standard when it comes to internet marketing training.  Australians like James Schramko, Kyle Tully, Marc Lindsay and Daniel Turner are leading the charge, and are creating products that the rest of the world wants.  They are at the coalface of internet marketing.

James Schramko alone is responsible for the coaching of over 500 Aussies and Kiwis (and more and more people from other countries too are now traveling to Sydney to learn at his workshops).  Marc and Daniel have products that have attracted the support of not only James, but of all of the top level marketers in the world, for their innovative traffic generation products and systems.

These guys are evidence of the creativity that is being bred in Australian internet marketing circles – and the training that is available to anyone who wants to leave the rat race and create their own online business from home.

The FastWebFormula3 training from James Schramko is widely regarded as the premier learning platform for Australian internet marketing, and the benchmark that others strive to reach.

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