James Schramko Announces SEO Partner Starter Pack

January 25 2011,

There can be little doubt that the SEO Partner service created by James Schramko takes SEO seriously.  The team behind the label are SEO experts who have their fingers on the pulse of every new search engine optimization strategy, and has the flexibility to move as the search engine algorithms change.

Small Business Marketers Listen Up!!

For months now SEO Partner has been one of the weapons that small business marketers have used to create profitable businesses.  By combining it with another Schramko product, SuperFastWebsites, they are able to offer a full service for offline businesses wanting to get online.

Getting a website up is only a fraction of the battle though – generating it ranking well is a whole other issue, and one that SEO Partner has covered.  Already there are three levels of service, but to encourage more people to see for themselves just how effective the service is, James Schramko has just announced a Starter Pack.

If you are a consultant who is having trouble convincing a client of how powerful the right SEO strategies are, how vital they are to the success of any online business, then the SEO Partner Starter Pack is for you.

If you have an online business and have been doing your own SEO – then here is a perfect opportunity to outsource what can often be a time-consuming and tiresome part of your marketing.  Even if it is for a trial period – just to convince yourself how you can better invest the hours you’ve spent on SEO – take the time to see what results the experts can achieve for you.

Highlights of the Starter Pack are:

  • 25 Manual Article Submissions
  • 250 Automated Article Submission
  • 50 Manual Search Engine Submissions
  • 10 Link Directory Submissions
  • Create and interlink Squidoo pages and Hubpages
  • WordPress.org and Blogger.com blogs linking to main domain and sub-pages
  • 90 sites pinged for each new web property

Not only that, but each month the SEO Partner team will deliver you a comprehensive report on their SEO activities on your behalf.

Grab your

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