Is SEO necessary?

December 17 2009,

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the organic search engine rankings it produces, is vital for any successful online venture.  For people who are just starting out in the online business world, SEO can seem a daunting task, and there are legions of professional optimizers out there who are eager to take your money in return for tweaking your website.  But is getting an SEO partner worth it?

For somebody who hasn’t a clue what SEO means and isn’t particularly tech savvy, it might be a great option.  Otherwise, consider this list before hiring a search engine optimization consultant:

Market Size

This is all about competition.  How many other sites are in your market, and of those, how many are still active and producing new content and aren’t just relics that haven’t been shut down yet?  If your market is highly specific, then just make sure to include those highly market-specific terms and keywords in your web page titles, your content, and in image descriptions.  However, the bigger the market, the more competition.  And that might make hiring an SEO consultant a more worthwhile proposition.

Market Specificity

While similar to market size, market specificity relates to the focus of your market.  For example, a broad market would be “books,” whereas a specific market would be “leather-bound first edition books.”  These specific markets can still be highly competitive, but the specific nature of what customers are looking for can prove as a guidebook to your SEO and keyword efforts.

Fly Solo First

If you have a decent understanding about how search engines and Web 2.0 sites work, then you can probably do some rudimentary SEO work yourself without too much trouble.  By performing this work yourself, you not only save money, but you will also learn more about the process which can help you in the future, and can help you in relaying to an SEO consultant (should you ever hire one) exactly what you want.

Time Vs Money

If you can spend the time normally required for SEO working on another facet of your business and make more than you would pay for a consultant, then the smart move is to hire a consultant.  While beginners may not have much money on hand at the beginning of their careers, using some of those precious funds on an SEO consultant may be the right move for you.

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