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December 17 2009,

In his Internet Marketing Speed blog, James Schramko shares a lot of his learnings. But he is the first to admit to not knowing all there is to know about internet marketing.

And that is why he ensures that his followers, and his students in particular, are kept in touch with the techniques that others are using to make pots of money, online and offline. James is held in such high regard in the internet marketing world, that those experts are more than willing to share some of their best secrets with him.

Over the past year James Schramko has interviewed experts on:

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Article Writing
Buzz Marketing
Goal Setting
Tribal Marketing

These interviews with John Carlton, Michael Dunlop, Raymond Aaron, Dean Hunt, Kerry Finch and Kyle Tully are jam packed with tips and techniques to help internet marketers grow their businesses.

The most recent is with world famous offline writer Bob Howells. Bob reveals some unique methods for getting your writing be accepted by publishers – a techniques he uses all the time.

Access to InternetMarketingSpeed is free – how generous is that?

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