Growing Your Business In An Online World

October 10 2011,

Regardless of the type of business we each have, we should always be looking at ways to grow it.

“I’ve Got Enough Business”

Often I’ve heard people say that they have enough business, and would be unable to cope with more (interesting position to be in these days!). However, when I ask if they would like to make more money, they invariably answer “of course!”

This tells me that while they do want more business, they don’t want to invest more time in it: they need to learn grow smarter, and to a plan. Does this sound like you?

In a free webinar this week, one of the most highly regarded online business strategists in the world, James Schramko, will be sharing business growth tips for TODAY – for the digital world.  It does not cost you a cent.

Register now at >Webinar<

This webinar is live (times for your zone are on the registration page), and James is making himself available to answer questions throughout.  He will be discussing:

  • How to setup your business for growth
  • Strategies for pricing and rapid cashflow
  • Systems to improve productivity
  • How social proof, and not local paper advertisements, will deliver you ‘buying’ clients;
  • How outsourcing menial tasks will free up your time to focus on your core business;
  • How a small shift in your business mindset, and working to a plan, will give you more time to enjoy the things that keep you sand: friends, family, sports, travel, hobbies….. 

Online or Offline?

Business growth needs to be managed regardless of whether you conduct business transactions online or offline in a traditional bricks-and-mortar environment.  However, these days, every business, regardless of its size and purpose, should have an online presence.

It makes little difference if you are selling car parts from your garage/workshop, your services as a lawyer or beauty therapist, or you have digital products for online delivery – your customers ARE looking for you, and your products or services, online.

Managing Your Reputation

Every business needs a website – and if being found by your customers and prospects is not important to you, the reputation of your business should be. These days it is so easy for a disgruntled former employee, dissatisfied customer, or unethical competitor to post negative comments about you, or your business, online.


When a negative comment about you, someone who bears the same name as you or your business, you need to know that it is really easy to ‘bury’ these comments and replace them with authoritative and positive content.  Having a website that is optimized for your name, your products and your business is the key, and is one of the many strategies that James employs to manage the online footprint of his various businesses.

Phone A Friend

How many people in your circle of friends, colleagues and family need to learn strategies for business growth?  I invite you to share this email, or the link, with them – having access to the Mindmap alone will help them immensely.  A webinar is a very non-threatening environment – and can be attended wherever you have access to a computer and the internet.

Register at >Webinar<

Hold The Phone….. Webinar

If the timing of the webinar is not right for you, James Schramko is making its recording (and the Mindmap) available to everyone who registers.  This gives you the flexibility to listen to it at your leisure.

James has been my friend, colleague and mentor for over 4 years, and I know him to be an ethical businessman, who delivers cutting-edge information – because he practises what he preaches.  He is an online businessman, with an impressive offline business and marketing background.

This is a golden opportunity to acquire business growth strategies that will take your business into 2012 and beyond.

I will be listening, and hope that you will be too – complete your registration for this free webinar at  >Webinar<

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