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March 23 2011,

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex process that many Internet marketers and web developers find time consuming to master. Occasionally, they may learn a few tricks that yield encouraging results, until search engines like Google change their algorithm or formula for determining webpage rankings. SEO is a continuing challenge that prevents traditional marketers from offering it as a service to their clients. In response to this need, James Schramko created SEO Partner, a solution that provides high quality SEO services. He now makes it easy for consultants to use, through a resellers program.

How it works

Under the resellers agreement, SEO Partner will assess a website for its reseller, generate a report and implement the appropriate SEO strategies for, and on behalf of, the reseller. The reseller or consultant has the option to have their logo appear on individual client reports, for immediate delivery to clients. The reseller earns from the profit margin added to the SEO Partner price – and this can easily be as much as 100%.

What it includes

SEO is a wide field and ordinarily includes article, video, forum and social media marketing, blog networking and press release creation. Each of these techniques can so much time to learn, but with SEO Partner, resellers need not learn or do SEO at all.

Ideal resellers of SEO Partner include advertising agencies, marketing and local business consultants and web developers. The solution is backed by James Schramko’s high performance team of SEO specialists with a proven track record. SEO Partner is available in 5 specially designed packages to suit every client.

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