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March 11 2013,

Lawyers require ongoing marketing initiatives in order to boost awareness about their practice and develop their client base. Print media and other forms of traditional marketing can be expensive and the Yellow Pages obsolescence has left law practices with a gap in promotional venues.

Online marketing techniques such as law firm websites which are optimised and specially designed to cater to both prospective clients and search engines can aid solo practitioners and small law firms so they can compete against larger, more established firms. Law firm websites can present the desired image while affordably reaching a wide audience. The strategy includes the combined factors of quality web design, continuous production of written content for lawyers’ websites, strategic social media integration and search engine optimization techniques (SEO).

Design And Planning

Before a website is created, a law firm needs to determine it’s goals regarding Internet marketing strategies. The particular fields of law or the area of practice are identified and the desired location the practice intends to attract customers is assessed.

If a law firm has more then one field of practice it should ideally have an individual blog category per practice type. This achieves both focus and niche targeting. For example, a firm can set up and optimize a category in their blog devoted to “child custody for fathers” while another blog category can cover the “protection of intellectual property”. Law firm websites can conveniently integrate such blogs as a component of their content development.

Keyword Research

Potential clients use specific terms and phrases to find lawyers and law firms online, these terms and phrases are referred to as keywords. When the correct keywords are incorporated into written content, it can boost search engine rankings which in turn can result in attracting highly targeted traffic to practice websites. An effective strategy for website keyword usage is to combine the area of practice with the firm’s geography like “Florida child custody” and “Melbourne criminal law barrister”.

Content Production

A website for a law firm will include basic content like an About page, a Services page, Contact form page, FAQs, Associate, Staff and Partner pages, Articles and FAQs. Additional pages and new content will be comprised of valuable compelling information while naturally incorporating keywords. The key to attracting search engines and site visitors is to regularly publish legal articles that are informative, unique and interesting. Additional content such as podcasts (audio files), videos, webinars and infographics can also be used.

Integrating Social Media

A presence in social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can deliver fresh leads, foster trust among prospective clients and support the acquiring of inbound links for a website. It’s critical that these social profiles are integrated and posted to with regular updates.

The marketing of law firm websites online may seem complicated to lawyers, however in the majority of situations, frequently publishing quality legal articles provides a solid foundation for attracting new clients and improving search engine rankings. The online marketing of legal services requires resources and time, the most effective option is to engage a legal content writer for the development of legal newsletters, articles and other content for use in legal blogs and law firm websites.

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